The Globe-Dancer project

Français Curious about the world, traveling has been part of my life for a few years, and I never tire of going away! To meet other cultures, languages ​​and lifestyles, I travel the roads with my backpack ... When I come back to France, I have new anecdotes, reflections, images that I like to share,... Lire la suite →

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Le projet Globe-Dancer

English Curieuse du monde, les voyages font partie de ma vie depuis quelques années, et je ne me lasse pas de repartir ! A la rencontre d'autres cultures, langues et modes de vie, je sillonne les routes avec mon sac à dos... Quand je reviens en France, j'ai de nouvelles anecdotes, des réflexions, des images... Lire la suite →

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Open letter to friendship

Français   After traveling for about six months now, today is a simple Sunday morning and I want to open a parenthesis in this journey to express my gratitude to life and people surrounding me, near or far away. I am writing now this open letter because, after a while traveling and returning to France... Lire la suite →

Lettre ouverte aux amis

English   Après six mois de voyage, aujourd'hui est un simple dimanche matin et je souhaite ouvrir une parenthèse dans ce périple pour exprimer ma gratitude à la Vie et aux personnes qui m'entourent, de près ou de loin. J’écris à présent cette lettre ouverte car, après quelques années de voyages réguliers et de retours... Lire la suite →

Writing the movement

Français Several people asked me how today is transmitted a ballet, or an old dance. Is there a writing system for dance, as there is one for music ? Is this system universal, and does it apply throughout the world ? Do all choreographers write their creations ? How can today's dancers learn and play... Lire la suite →

The body enlighted

Français What I like about dancing is that we do not need any external objects to dance. Only of our body. It is our material existence, our link between the inside and the outside. The sense organs are like open windows, and allow the body to communicate with the outside world, to receive information: sounds,... Lire la suite →

Balancing in the movement

Français We all know the anxieties of not knowing what you want in life, for example, or the fact that you can not find a stable situation. people say phrases like "It should be somewhere" or "When I'm thirty I'll settle down". And to think about it, I wonder where does this need for stability... Lire la suite →

How classical dance can be a moment of well-being

Français There are various types of dance: court dances, folk dances, folk dances, religious dances, healing dances, mystical or ecstatic trances ... But the dances now considered as academic are often the court dances, like classical dance, or court dances in Asia. The dance has been codified in various ways, following specific social codes, then... Lire la suite →

Dance !

Français Since very young, dance has appeared to me as the most primitive means of expression. Of all forms of artistic expression, I have always thought that dance first appeared. Because, to dance as to live, we only need our body. No need for anything else, only our human body is enough to dance, whatever... Lire la suite →

Dancing in dreams

Français Like many dancers, I often dream that I dance. Some dream that they raise their leg up, others they dance a complete choreography. Me, it's always the same dream that comes back: no particular situation, no decor, no music, I'm just doing a classic pirouette, a turn on one leg, the other leg removed.... Lire la suite →

Where do musette balls come from ?

Français A little by chance, in a bookstore, I found a book that tells where the musette balls come from: in the nineteenth century, looking for work, many Auvergnats came to settle in Paris. Scrapers, charcoal makers, coffee makers, they carry out small trades in the districts of the Temple and the Bastille, but also... Lire la suite →

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